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Eniseli winery was established in the second half of XIX century on the basis of the marani (location for storing wine in special pitchers) of a Georgian wine-maker and public figure Zakaria Jorjadze. In 1888, shortly after launching of the winery, the wine of “Zakaria Jorjadze and Co” was awarded a gold medal at the international exhibition in Brussels. Even after sovietization of Georgia Eniseli brand did not lose its significance and prestige, it was considered among the best ones in the whole soviet space. The winery existed till 1990s.

The civil war that broke out in Georgia brought Eniseli winery’s production to the verge of destruction. A new stage in the history of the winery began in 2003. The descendants of Zakaria Jorjadze, in particular the Bagrationi family, initiated the winery’s revival, its switching to the western standards and equipping with modern technologies.