Discover the world of wine, history, serenity, and exquisite air at Chateau Eniseli.

Nestled between two villages, Eniseli and Sabue, on the left bank of the river Intsobi two kilometers away from the Gremi monastery in the region of Kakheti, Chateau Eniseli boasts a spectacular view of the Caucasus mountains and the Kadori Pass, along the historic road to Daghestan.

The hotel has been operating on the premises of the wine factory Eniseli Bagrationi since 2011 and caters primarily to wine tourists. Here, in a venerable world of wine, our guests can tour this historic building, founded by the Georgian entrepreneur Zakaria Jorjadze in the 19th century, and admire the 120 clay qvevris, antique machinery, and other artifacts maintained there. Our guests can admire the various production processes, sample our products, and taste our exclusive wines. Jorjadze’s chateau also is located near the hotel. This historic building was built in 1888 and later restored by his descendants, who are the owners of Eniseli Bagrationi.

The hotel is close to many unique monuments of Georgian architecture and historic buildings. Sightseeing tours can be organized upon request.

The hotel operates a family-style kitchen, where our cooks prepare traditional dishes using local, organic products. Pairing our wines with traditional dishes is one of the foundations of our gastronomic philosophy.


The hotel has 7 rooms, including:

  • 3 triple rooms
  • 4 double rooms